Healthy Living. Eating Clean.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Being consistent with anything for 21 days will eventually become second nature to you. As far as clean eating goes, it can be a challenge for some to not want to "cheat" during the first 3 weeks of their journey to healthier version of themselves. The truth is, when you crave that cookie or bag of chips, if you eat a healthier alternative in its place, you will satisfy your hunger and not indulge in junk food  to throw you off track.

Once you have pushed through 21 days and the habit begins to form, it becomes much easier to sustain. In fact, your cravings, desires and palate even begin to change. For me, clean eating has been a staple in my overall health and fitness regime for years. My cravings have changed completely. That's not to say that a slice of pizza or a basket of fries on occasion doesn't entice me, it's just far less often. 

Essentially, by choosing foods that are packed with nutrients that are clean and wholesome, you are giving your body not only what it needs to ward off the hunger pangs but you are fueling it with foods that help you to perform and feel your absolute best. And that my friends, is a habit worth having.

Annie UttaroComment